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Manufacturing and Engineering.

Vision and Mission

Company Vision and Mission

About Our Destiny and How Do We Get There

  • Open the widest employment also turn on and motivate Small and Medium Industries
  • Participate in industries business and commerce in Indonesia
  • Provide Customer needs in industries requirement based on professionalism and quality oriented for customer satisfaction
  • Build partnerships and network relationships base on engineering value chain
  • Involve & Engage Indonesia's economic development and revive the spirit of entrepreneurship among younger generation

"Small and Medium Industries (SMIs) could not survive if they don't do any improvement or innovation strategy business model. The SMIs which has limited resources and manpower should implement the strategy of innovation to keep the sources that is more diverse than the desires of the market and fundamental insights about the external factors compared to prepare all of the resources and capabilities of its own."

Van de Vrande, 2009; Yun and Mohan, 2012

Founded at Jakarta - Indonesia, in 2012

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